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Aries Star Twin Sized

Aries Stars

This quilt is made entirely of 2.5" strips!  Its
a great way to use Jelly Rolls, Bali Pops, or
to use up your stash!   You need the
eqiuvalent of 70 dark fabric strips and20 light
fabric strips.

You combine HSTs with 2.5" squares to
make 3 simple 8" finished blocks.  THAT IS
IT!  This is a great project for a group of
friends.  In fact, that is how our sample was

Instructions are included for spinning the four
patch.  This basic technique is key to getting
all the seams to be flat.  

The project pack includes the pattern and a pack
of 2.0" THANGLES.  

Suggested Retail:  $11.99
Aries Star