Ode to Lois - $11.99

Thangles Ode to Lois Project Pack

This quilt is made from 4.5″ strips. It is a variation of the classic Dissappearing Nine Patch technique. You sew together nine units, then you slice them into equal quarters. It is surprisingly simple and fun to make.

My quilting friend Lois, is a master of this technique. She is my inspiration, so this quilt is called, “Ode to Lois!”

Instructions are included for seven different sized quilts. Wall to queen sized.

The project pack includes the pattern and a pack of 4.0″ THANGLES.

Below you can see the two smaller versions of the quilt, the 4 and 16 block wall hangings.  

thangles ode to lois wallhanging
Thangles ode to lois project pack dark sample