Learn all about Thangles and our other products.  

Thangles are used to make half square triangles (HSTs for short).  Click here to see a tutorial on how Thangles work.

Thangles make block construction from strips much easier.  Click here to see a tutorial on how to make a block with Thangles.

Q-Strips are used to make quarter square triangles (QSTs for short).   

T-Sheets, our newest product, are also used to make HSTs.  With T-Sheets, you can make a lot of HSTs from the same two fabrics.  T-Sheets convert into Thangles.   

Click here to go to our Video page and watch video tutorials. 

Thangles can be used to make HSTs in any pattern.  You can read about how to use Thangles with any pattern on our FAQ page.

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On this site, you will find many patterns that use Thangles.  We make it easy for you by putting our patterns with the Thangles that are needed to do the project.  We call this combination a Project Pack.   

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