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A program that sells the fabric

you already have in your store;

and it’s FREE!

• What are Expo Patterns?  

Thangles Expo patterns are a unique sales tool from Thangles. They are designed to help you sell
fabric. They are printed in color and ready to go.

• How do I get them?  

Periodically, we offer new Expo patterns to our stores. We announce the new pattern in our
newsletter.  You get 10 copies FREE with a $100 order.*

• How can I use them in my store?

Expo patterns can be used many ways.  
  • You could kit the project and include the pattern.  
  • You may also use these as the basis of a class.  
  • You could give the pattern away free with the purchase of the Thangles for the project.
  • Give away the pattern with the purchase of a minimum amount of merchandise in your
    store.  For example, spend $25 and get a free pattern.  

* If you need more Expo patterns they are available for $10 for 10 copies.

Our current Expo pattern is the 2016 tree skirt.  Tree skirts make great kits because almost
everyone can use one and they don’t have to match someone’s décor because they are typically
made with holiday fabrics.  The price point is good too;  not too expensive but still plenty of profit
for you.

The 2016 Treeskirt  pattern uses 2.5" Thangles. If you omit the hole and slashing step you have a
festive table topper.  The finished size is about 57" at the widest part.

Here you can see what an expo
pattern looks like.  It measures
8.5" x 5.5" and isprinted on
both sides of cardstock..  

The front has a color photo.
Fabric requirements and
the cutting directions are also
on the front side.

On the back you will find the
instructions to make the project.