Setting #5 Half Star Full -
a setting pattern for $3.99

Finishes to 72" wide x 88" long.

The quilt uses twelve 12 inch finished blocks.  The
quilt is shown with blocks from Card Series #3.  

Many fabrics are used to finish this quilt.  Color 1 is used
for the sashing.  Color 2 is used for the cornerstones.  
Color 3 is the frame fabric (in our quilt this frame fabric
and the border fabric are the same). Color 4 is a collection
of fabric strips used to make the stars in the half star
border.  Color 5 is a collection of fabric strips used for the
background of the half star border.  Color 6 is the border
and binding fabric.

2" THANGLES are used for the half star border.  It uses
less than a full pack.  If you make your quilt as show with
the Series #3 blocks, you can make the blocks and do the
half star border with just one pack of

Please note, you can use some of the left over strips from
making your Series #3 blocks to make the half star border.  
Both are made from 2.5" fabric strips.

You can also use any of the block patterns from Series #1
or #3 block sets.  The block patterns and
sold separately.  

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