Series #1 Block Cards  -
12 block patterns for $3.99

All of the blocks are made with only 2 fabrics.

The fabric strips are cut 4.5" wide.  With THANGLES you only
need to cut one strip size to make your blocks.  The HSTs (Half
Square Triangles) and squares are cut from this one strip size.
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4" THANGLES are used for all the blocks.  One package is
more than enough to make all the blocks.  Order your
THANGLES separately.  

These blocks are 12.5" unfinished and 12" finished.  

These simple blocks are very fast to sew.

All the blocks in this series used in
Setting #1, which is a twin set.  
You do not need to use all of the block patterns in a quilt.  In
a second twin sized setting using 24 blocks, we only used two of
the block patterns from
Series #1 Block Cards.  

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